Chocolate fudge and truffles.

Monday, January 20, 2020, 8 pm
Registration price for adults $20

Join our amazing group of ladies having an amazing time at our monthly ladies night out.

This time our chef Tanya Tsvik is bringing us chocolate... and fudge... and fun making it.

This ladies event is in memory of Oleg ben Lazer.

This program is in between the special day of 20 Teves which is a Yartzeit (day of passing) of the great sage and doctor Rambam and the 24 of Teves -Yortzeit of the Alter Rebbe. it is dedicated to the power of healing as we learn from the Rambam that maintaining healthy and whole body is an integral part of divine service.

in addition to making delicious chocolate fudge and truffles (chocolate is healthy for ladies as well as night out :)) we'll have a short presentation from a doctor about overall health and how keep yourself healthy.

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