All day Purim celebration.

Friday, February 26, 12:00pm
Registration price for adults $18
Registration price for children $10

All day Purim Celebration!!
Fulfill all 4 Mitzvos of Purim and celebrate with us!
1.Megillah reading at noon,
followed by 
2. Purim feast & L'echaim
Everyone will be able to fulfill additional mitzvos of 
3. Shaloch manos (gifts of food) & 
4. Matanas leivyonim (Charity) at the celebration.
Fun games & edible Arts & Crafts for kids.
Last Megilla reading will be at 4:30pm (for those who missed)
Candle lighting for Shabbat 5:12. All are invited to join us for a Friday night Shabbat meal.

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