Bar Mitzvah Club

Thursday,January 25, 2024 7:00 pm
Registration price for children $50

Your Bar Mitzvah Journey Starts Here!
Learn About What It Means To Become A Bar Mitzvah Through An Amazing Bar Mitzvah Exploration Program
Tefillin Demo
Visit time Senior Home with Menorah Lighting & Donuts
Kashrut Workshop
Making & Distribution of Shaloch Manos
PrePesach Trip to Brooklyn Matzah Factory
Thought Provoking Workshops
Father & Son Events
Friendships that will last a lifetime 
Boys Ages 12-14

Open to all boys no matter where they are celebrating their Bar Mitzvah 
Contact Us 718-569-5593

Sessions run bi-weekly. Individual lessons with Rabbi Eli Kogan or Rabbi Yitzchok Ahter are also available upon request.
 call 718-569-5593 for details.

Bar Mitzvah Club yearly fee is $495.00 Payment plans are available.

$50 deposit required to reserve your spot.

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