Bar-Mitzvah Club

JRLC Bar Mitzvah Club is a unique club created with your child in mind!

Fun meetings, with refreshments, games and fun, intertwined with a lesson that is taught in a fun intricate way that doesn't feel like school or Bar Mitavah Prep.

Major trips a few times a year, keep boys on their toes. Bar Mitzvah Preparations are done individually based on the choice of parents and child and his particular strength and are connected to the Parsha - Torah Portion of the week or a holiday that the Bar Mitzvah falls around.

Preparations can vary from being called to the Torah to reading the portion of the Torah by your child. Individual instructions are offered for additional price privately. To register, go to: Bar Mitzvah Club ( scroll to the bottom and fill out a short registration form. Give your child the bar mitzvah preparation he will remember for the rest of his life!!!


For More information, or to register your child, feel free to contact us at 718-569-5593