Hebrew School

Welcome to Aleph Hebrew school, where kids can't wait to be back  every Sunday!

Our Hebrew school is in session Sundays, September through early June 10:30am-1:00pm 

Our curriculum includes:

Hebrew reading, using Aleph champ karate belt system. Children are really excited to complete levels get to the new level. We have promotion ceremonies twice a year where we invite parents and friends to celebrate children’s achievements and watch them receive medals. 

Each group also has a curriculum which is followed through the year (for example Jewish heroes where the children learn about different history periods while they explore a hero and the timeline, during which he or she lived)

As the holidays approach, children get to know the most important points about it using crafts, songs and projects, as well as they get familiar with basic prayers and traditions. 

We do have special fairs and carnivals as we get closer to fun holidays of Chanukah and Purim.

Our staff is loving and nurturing, material is tought in a fun upbeat way with emphasis on each child's individual learning style. There is no mandatory homework, but children love preparing for Hebrew school at home.

Our Torah dollar store is incredible!! Super cool prizes will keep your child on his/her toes with abundant opportunities to collect additional dollars by participation, behavior or correct answers.

Cost $595 per year. We do have siblings and referral discounts. And we do work with families if the price is too high...

Check out our end of the year video!! You'll be inspired. Schedule your free tryout today!! 646-702-3952 or info@jewishrussiancenter.org