Challa Bake with a key to prosperity

Friday, April 17, 2pm

Join us on zoom as we get together and bake an amazing challah with a key to prosperity. It is a known segulah that the first Shabbat after Passover is an opportune time to ask for parnossa - livelyhood. There is a tradition to bake a challa with a key inside and in a shape of a key to draw down blessing for prosperity - and we really need it in our unique situation as COVID19 roams through the world.

Join us Friday, April 17, 2pm

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Things to prepare:

Large bowl and spoon

1 bag of flour of your choice

Sugar, salt, yeast (dry) oil, eggs

towel to cover the challah and preferably oval pans for baking.


If you need any ingredients and you don;t have it, we can have them ready for you on our porch on Friday morning.

This program is FREE of charge.

if you can, support the Jewish Russian Learning Center so we can provide more programs!!

Password 571991 

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