Chinese auction - Back To Our Roots

Sunday, June 6. 12:00 noon
Registration price for adults $20

Chinese auction is a lottery. we have prepared beautiful prize packages and you have an opportunity to put in tickets for any prize. To view all prizes and to purchase, go to our Chinese auction tap at the top right of menu. Use discounts available for early purchase! is a link to share with your friends and family.

Our event, "Back to the Roots", on June 6 is a culmination of the Chinese auction with a beautiful setting, entertainment by Lili & Yuri & delicious picnic lunch. Please join us to show your support and, if you can not make it, please support us and order your tickets online. Admission for the June 6 event is $20, and you get $15 worth of tickets to spend on an auction! Looking forward to seeing you all!!

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