Half the kingdom for Esther. Left brain vs right brain in neuropsychology & the book of Esther

Sunday, February 26, 5pm
Registration price for adults $10

Half the kingdom for Esther. Left brain vs right brain. An incredible journey into the world of neuroscience as we look through the book of Esther - a Purim story, presented by Rabbi Dr. Eliyohu Gladshtein.

Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Gladshtein - studied in a number of yeshivot and kollels in America, Canada and Israel of both the Hasidic and Lithuanian directions.  Received a smicha in Toronto from Rav Dovid Shokhet.  He holds a master's and doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Adler University in Chicago.  Head and founder of the Yad Rama congregation and yeshiva in Jerusalem.  A frequent guest of television and radio channels on the topics of religion, psychology and technology.  Runs a private neuropsychological practice.

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