And the winners are:
Thank you so much to all our supporters!!
Mazal Tov to our winners!! 
Split the pot - Alex Shein; Costco gift card - Lida Chepovetsky; Nature Pure - Alla Geister; Net cost baskets- Menachem Danino & Sergei Guberman; Artist's painting- Lenny Kipnis; Shop rite - Lida Chepovetsky; Boys pakage-Matherw Kipnis; Girls package - Marina Epelman; Dinner for 4- Leykin family; For her - Esther Kushnirsky; For him-Yitzckok Peckerman; For the home-Epelman family; Kids Bubble show party- Kogan family; Kids books - Bertha karasek; Youth books - Tzitsuashvilli family; Kosher spree - Leykin family; Relax package - Leah Tzitsuashvilli; Designer Jewelry-Naomi Grodsky; Game package-Zachary Kipnis